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Inferno - Dan Brown Just couldn’t finish it. Somewhere about 70% I decided to quit because it wasn’t worth the trouble to continue this ridiculous story about how humanity will die. Let it die, for all I care and Dan Brown’s plot and intrigue just made me wish it more and more. No real secrets, no real puzzles to solve, no nothing. I’m just sorry for Dante, because that’s the second bad book I read messing with him and his work. (see the first one here)
And message to Dan Brown, please stop using tour guides’ tips about Italian history or places, I do not need an encyclopedia. There are surely more subtle ways to tell us some interesting fact about a painting, or a building, etc.

I’m already utterly disappointed with Dan Brown’s writing and the way he shapes or rather does not shape his characters through what’s happening to them. And all that chilling and startling about Botticelli’s vision of Dante’s hell. Weak hearts beware, here’s comes Hell! For a grownup art historian being that moved by an early Renaissance painting is rather… I don’t know…childish? Anyway, looking forward for some more thrilling and real mystery, cause right now with I'm Shade and all the conspiracy I’m in some version of Assassin’s Creed II jumping Florentine roofs with Ezio Auditore…Wasn’t Dan Brown somehow better with The Da Vinci Code ?